Colchester Castle Park Fireworks Display

The 2016 King Coel’s Kittens Firework Spectacular went off with a BANG!


A sell out crowd of 8000 people were lucky enough to get tickets for the display in Castle Park, Colchester. The tickets for the event had sold out online by around 10am Saturday morning leaving just a small number of tickets for sale at the Visitor Information Centre which also sold out by lunch time. Colchester Castle Park Fireworks Display

 Michael J Fitch once again hosted the event, he had some great prizes to give away including a family ticket to Colchester Zoo. The whole crowd were invited to visit Roller World at East Gates for free after the Fireworks Display had finished. The crowd took part in Colchester’s largest Mexican Wave! At 7pm Guy Fawkes was marched down from the castle to the bonfire by the Colchester Town Watch and was burnt on the bonfire. At 7.30pm Michael J Fitch counted down with the 8000 strong crowd and £1000’s worth of fireworks filled the sky with an amazing shower of colour and loud bangs which echoed around the town.The night was a great success raising £1000’s for the King Coel’s Kittens. All the profits of the event will go to good causes within the local community.

 We are disappointed that so many people had to miss out on attending the event due to the high demand of tickets this year. 8000 people is the maximum number of people we are allowed in the park. We advise that tickets are brought in advance of the day next year to avoid disappointment.

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